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Encapsulation by Spray Drying

Spray drying is an efficient and cost-effective way to dry products, but also to encapsulate active ingredients at the same time. At Encapsulation Austria, we use different spray towers for individual needs with different technologies and capacities to encapsulate a variety of food products such as custard powder, baked goods, dietary supplements, etc.

What is spray drying?

When it comes to spray drying, the provided raw materials are applied to special carriers and then quickly and gently atomized in a drying chamber. This converts liquid concentrates into microbiologically clean and easy-to-process powdered products. The great advantage of spray drying is that the result is a micro-encapsulated end product that retains the valuable ingredient and releases it in a controlled manner.

Our plants from Encapsulation Austria combine the optimal preparation of the spray solution up to efficient filling. Our scalable plants offer the possibility, tailored to individual needs, to realize batch capacities from a few kg up to several tons of finished product.

Verkapselung durch Sprühtrocknung