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Encapsulation by Fluidized Bed Drying

The fluidized bed drying process is particularly interesting for larger particle sizes and perfectly free-flowing and dust-free powders. As the leading supplier in Austria, Encapsulation Austria offers agglomerating fluid bed technology for contract drying.

How does fluidized bed drying work?

When it comes to fluidized bed drying, drying air flows through a particle system and is agitated in the process. The particles can be agglomerated in a fluidized bed. The advantage of integrated fluidized bed drying is that there is a low thermal load on the dry products, since the agglomeration and the drying take place in the same step.

Our plants from Encapsulation Austria are designed for high thermal efficiency and are built in such a way that an integrated fluidized bed immediately follows the spray drying. The end result is almost dust-free and flowable particles.

Verkapselung durch Fließbetttrocknung