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Encapsulation by Extrusion

Through the process of extrusion, various ingredients can be encapsulated in complex shapes in a particularly long-lasting manner. At Encapsulation Austria, we work with melt extrusion and use different modifications to stably encapsulate your food and functional substances in any shape and size according to your wishes.

How does fluidized bed drying work?

Our process works with melt extrusion, in which the active ingredients are incorporated into a matrix in the extruder without any solvents. There they are melted and homogeneously mixed and dispersed with the active ingredients.  Finally, the particles are cut from a strand to form the final plastic product and dried.  One advantage of extrusion in the food sector is that complex shapes of the particles can be created.

At Encapsulation Austria, we apply different modifications to offer you the right individual shape of the particles andthe size, to encapsulate your functional foods, supplements, etc. just as you wish.

Verkapselung durch Extrusion